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          We created the Positive Psychology Toolkit © 在线 亚洲 日韩 欧洲视频 to help you develop your practice, grow your expertise, save you hours of prep time and give you the headspace and techniques to deeply and authentically support your clients.

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          This has been a gamechanger for me

          Finding http://4g.uweiuju.cn and using the Positive Psychology Toolkit has been a gamechanger for me. They are tremendous resources and provide rich value to my business.

          The science behind the tools and the production quality is invaluable.

          As a Strengths Coach, I cannot say enough about how this has added incredible value to my clients. It has also saved me time in trying to find tools and resources for my clients and my training programs.

          I highly recommend them to any professional in our field.

          Rita Hudgens

          High Impact

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          The Positive Psychology Toolkit tools and resources shifted the impact I can have with my coaching clients. Ive found ways to go deeper and create insights that otherwise took so much longer. Its a valuable step as I seek resources to connect clients with emotion, to facilitate a mindset shift or to find resilience in times of struggle.

          Beki Fraser

          A vast array of

          on-the-money tools

          Discovering the Positive Psychology Toolkit was a breakthrough moment for me, bringing clarity and direction to the work I have been doing over many years, and underpinning my steps to take what I am creating to the next level.

          Clear, on-point and beautifully applicable in day-to-day settings, the Positive Psychology Toolkits resources have proved to be key to me overcoming some of the obstacles that were hindering the progress of my business, giving me the missing pieces of the jigsaw and equipping me to move forward at pace.

          Andy White

          Must-have Positive

          Psychology Success

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          http://4g.uweiuju.cn offers every coach or counselor or psychology practitioner a must-have library of indispensable tools, assessments and engaging activities to assist your clients from all walks of life. They are easy to navigate, fun, and motivating. Expand your own horizons as well as those of your clients. I find this creative, research-based program indispensable. A+!

          Judy Burges Krings

          This evidence-based

          toolkit is ideal

          This evidence-based toolkit is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about the practice of positive psychology and coaching. The toolkit will equip any new practitioners entering this growing field, and will greatly expand the repertoire of more experienced practitioners.

          Brad Desmond

          Top Quality

          Masterclasses and


          Your newest Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence is a wonderful addition to your other Masterclass offerings and the third one I have enjoyed. You discussed the second wave of Positive Psychology, which Id never heard before and it makes such sense. Use of your sailboat metaphor with its eight elements serves as an easy way to clearly understand what you are sharing. As with any topic, as the saying goes, knowledge is power. Your comprehensive look at emotions, including dissecting why and how they can be useful, is clarified through your engaging and supportive communication style and shared stories. The compass analogy is helpful and I appreciate learning how it provides the valuable service of feedback. Thank you so much!

          Susan Kopynec

          Used and loved by:

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